Hi, I am Elora Dutta
I work at the intersection of people and data.I design digital products that embody clarity, efficiency, and intrigue. I believe that a fantastic User Interface is fulfilled through a persuasive push-and-pull of information.

When the world is embracing computers and new technologies with open arms everyday, I feel responsible to make the user experience better than the existing best. I believe that well designed products are basic necessity of any user, a good design should never be considered as luxury.

I am a Computer Science Engineer, done my undergraduate from one of the premier institutions of India PES University, Bangalore. After working for IBM India for a while, getting an opportunity to work as ​Web Solutions Specialist with ​Directi​ ​Mumbai , one of the most successful new age tech startups from India, was a turning point in my career. I gained hands on experience in web related issue solving for Directi’s clients.

In my quest to find a coherence between my knowledge of technology, understanding of human psychology and love for art and aesthetics i started my independent Design Studio by the name YellowCyber .