January 22, 2019
Edifice – Interior Designing Studio
April 30, 2014

Zolal Spa- A Luxury Spa

Bangalore, India

Brand Identity Designing

Zolal Spa Complete branding for a premium spa and wellness center and chain. The theme of the spa is with Royalty of Mizoram.

URL: http://www.zolalspa.com

Bangalore, India


Deriving the Concept

The Design theme for this Spa is Royalty of Mizoram, a state in India. To depict the essence of Mizoram in this brand, the logo design is conceptualized from the state flower of Mizoram : Renanthera imschootiana. Along with the shape of the flower the color plate of the flower has also been implimented in the Logo. The warmth of color red associate perfectly with the brand’s theme of providing comfort. The use of Gold ornate displays luxury and royalty.


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